Student Government

Student Government Officers 2017-2018 Group photo

All students have the potential to be a leader, and at SUNY Ulster, you can get involved in a variety of ways. Try on a new role that you may never have thought of before. Here's a list of various leadership positions on campus.

Student Government Organization (SGO)
& Student Council

The Student Council is a forum composed of all campus club representatives. It is a venue to hear student grievances, concerns, comments and plans to improve Student Life at Ulster, and is to be a voice for SUNY Ulster students. The Student Government Organization maintains a cooperative relationship among students, faculty, staff, and the outside community and works to ensure that the social needs and responsibilities of students are being met. Together with the College Association's Board of Directors, the SGO oversees student clubs and organizations. It also works with the Events Planning Council to plan special social and cultural events. The College Association fee paid as part of tuition entitles each student to full membership in the SGO.

SGO/Student Council meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in Vanderlyn Hall, Room 111, and are open to everyone. (Except January, June, July and August.)

All Clubs are required to be represented on the Student Council and attend all monthly meetings.


2017-2018 SGO Officers

Erica Prindle, President 

Andrew Cymbal, Vice President
Jasmin Otero-Burt, Treasurer
Corinne Carolan, Secretary  
Christopher Vallieu, Student Trustee
Aaron Rudder, Association Director
Christina Jowers, Association Director
Nia Oglesby, Association Director
Ethan Moore, Association Director
Katrina Ean, Student Aide
Dwaine Brannon, Student Aide
Meg Sheeley, Assistant Coordinator of Special Events and Technical Services and Interim Coordinator of Campus Life


Erica PrindleAndrew CymbalJasmin Otero-Burt

Corinne Carolan







Christopher VallieuAaron RudderChristina Jowers

Nia Oglesby







Katrina EanKatrina EanDwaine Brannon








(From left to right, Row 1: Erica Prindle, Andrew Cymbal, Jasmin Otero-Burt. Row 2: Corinne Carolan, Christopher Vallieu, Aaron Rudder. Row 3: Christina Jowers, Nia Oglesby, Ethan Moore. Row 4: Katrina Ean, Dwaine Brannon)


SGO Advisor

Meg Sheeley
Interim Coordinator of Campus Life


SGO Student Trustee

Each academic year a Student Trustee is elected by the student body to represent them on SUNY Ulster's Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for the educational policies and operations of the College.

The Student Trustee attends all meetings of the Board and serves as a fully voting member.

Our 2017-2018 Student Trustee: Christopher Vallieu


SGO Student Aides

The SGO Student Aides coordinate all SGO and EPC (Events Planning Council) events, and are the contact persons for all SGO, Club and Student Council business.

Katrina Ean
VAN 155, 845-687-5255


Student Planning Council

The Events Planning Council plans on-campus student events such as the Welcome Back Bar-B-Q, Holiday Party, Spring Picnic and more.



Have an interest in running a club or organization? Become active in one of the many clubs on campus. Can't find one that want to join? Create a new one! If you are interested in Starting a Club, click here for more information.

While you're at SUNY Ulster, get involved in the student clubs and organizations. There are many clubs covering a wide variety of interests from which you can choose. View the complete list here.


Student Admissions Ambassadors

The SAA program consists of current students who share their personal experiences as a SUNY Ulster student with prospective students. SAA members must participate in two or more volunteer activities per semester and be in good academic standing to maintain membership.Activities include volunteering at Admissions events, assisting at local college fairs, and participating in Spring Open House.

Applicants are selected through a written application process.

To learn more about becoming an Ambassador, contact

Lucia Pecore, SAA Advisor 
Coordinator of Admissions Services





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