Enrollment and Success Center

Enrollment & Success Center

VAN 119

Students at SUNY Ulster have available a wide range of personal, academic, and career counseling offered free of charge by the College. Students can find most of these services in the Enrollment & Success Center, located in Vanderlyn Hall (VAN 119). The Center has available at all times friendly counselors who have as their mission making each student’s stay at SUNY Ulster both educationally and personally enriching.

Recommendation Files

Letters of recommendation may be kept on file at the College. At the student’s request, recommendations will be sent to employers or colleges, free of charge. Additional information is available in the Enrollment & Success Center.

Student Advocate

The Assistant Dean of Student Services coordinates all of the College’s student services. This Dean and the Student Services Center staff serve, among other responsibilities, as advocates for the student. Whether the student is experiencing difficulty with an academic matter or a personal problem, the Student Services staff offer expert assistance or quickly direct the student to the office that can offer that assistance. If the student is uncertain where to go for assistance, he or she should ask for direction in the Enrollment & Success Center.





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