Accommodations & Services for Students with Disabilities Student Support Services

VAN 101


SUNY Ulster’s faculty and staff are aware of the needs of those with disabilities. All of the classrooms on the Stone Ridge campus are wheelchair accessible. Elevators throughout the campus offer students access to all levels of the campus. Many of the restrooms are designed to accommodate those with disabilities. Parking lots offer preferred parking spaces for vehicles displaying the symbol for the disabled. Campus parking stickers for students with disabilities are issued by Campus Public Safety located in Hasbrouck Hall (first floor). The College will assist eligible students with the process of acquiring testing and classroom accommodations. Students will need to provide disability documentation and should request these services early, so the College can make the necessary arrangements.

The College is in communication and works with outside agencies such as Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR), the Mental Health Association in Ulster County, and Ulster County Mental Health. Furthermore, students with disabilities can participate in Student Support Services, a federally funded TRIO grant program that provides academic, career, transfer, and financial aid counseling. Students who plan to request academic accommodations should visit or call the Student Support Services Office.






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