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Lights for Learning In Memory of Barbara A Adams Supporting Student Emergency Funding Ulster County Community  College Foundation, Inc. Donate Advocate Educate You can  help too. 2018 Lights for Learning Kick-off Celebration Tuesday Deceber 5, 3:30 pm, Clinton Hall

Assisting SUNY Ulster students for twenty-one years!

Your gifts to the  Lights for Learning program benefit SUNY Ulster students by providing emergency grants, loans, book grants, and scholarships that are often pivotal for our students to continue on their educational paths. Your funding has assisted students with transportation, housing, books, or with other personal assistance when they are experiencing material or emotional loss.

The Foundation has been able to say ‘yes’ to these student requests all because of you!

The Foundation is committed to expanding support for students in need. In 2017, $29,000 was awarded to our students.

Recognize Someone Special through Your Donation of Lights for Learning.

Donation Options

BLUE LIGHTS             $25 Provides Recognition of up to 5 Recipients
RED LIGHTS $50 Provides Recognition of up to 10 Recipients
GREEN LIGHTS $75 Provides Recognition  of up to 15 Recipients
WHITE LIGHTS  $125 Provides Recognition of up to 25 Recipients
STAR $250 Provides Recognition  of up to 50 Recipients
STAR SHOWER $500 Provides Recognition of a Group or 100 Recipients 
SHINING STAR $1,000  Provides Recognition of an Individual or Group
CELESTIAL $1,000 + Provides Recognition of an Individual or Group


To select a donation option and to submit your gift





After submitting your donation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation directing you to the form to enter the names of your recipients.

**Gifts to the Lights for Learning program may be made throughout the year and your recipient names will be posted to the website on a monthly basis.

When you have completed the recipient form, please check your e-mail for your recognition options.

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