Collegian Program

For qualified and motivated students, the Collegian Program allows students to earn a significant number of credits towards an Associate and/or Bachelor degree. In addition, the discounted tuition provides parents with sizable savings to offset their student's remaining college expenses.


Tuition is based on the number of credit hours designated to each course. Collegian students pay $65 per credit hour. This is a great savings off of the regular tuition of $159 per credit hour. Students eligible for a $5 reduced lunch can self identify during the online registration and payment process and pay $5 per credit hour. This will then be verified by the high schools at a later time.


Spring Registration Deadline: March 8th 2018

At the beginning of each semester, registration materials will be provided to high school instructors by a Collegian Program representative. Students interested in participating in the Collegian Program must register online and submit all materials to the College no later than the above deadline. Payment is due at the time of registration.

Credit Transfer

Collegian Credits may be accepted by other institutions several ways:

  • Credit hours may be directly transferred toward your chosen degree.
  • They may be accepted toward elective credits.
  • They may exempt you from taking a required course, or they may make you eligible for placement into a higher level course.
  • They may provide advanced standing when applying to colleges and universities.

Note: A grade of 'C' or better is usually required for transfer.


Transcript Request

In order to transfer your credits to another institution, you will need to complete a transcript request. There is a nominal fee for official transcripts. Telephone and email requests cannot be accepted.

Other Important Information

  • While many colleges and universities accept SUNY Ulster credits, be aware that specific conditions for transfer may exist. We encourage you to contact prospective colleges/universities to discuss Collegian course transferability
  • It is solely the decision of the receiving college whether to accept transfer credit.
  • SUNY Ulster highly recommends maintaining a complete portfolio of all your course materials to verify the quality of work covered in the Collegian program. the portfolio should consist of all the work you produced during the Collegian course, as well as instructor handouts and notes pertaining to the course.





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